I'm Wits Toopid

It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times…

I see this bargain bin as I’m making my way to the peace memorial in Hiroshima. 300 Yen is about Euro 3.75 so I set myself a challenge, to pick out the best worst 5 CD’s that I could find in the bin. Competition was high but eventually I managed to wittle it down to these few choices.

This one actually doesn’t sound too bad (not that it sounds that good!) it’s kinda poppy rockabilly.


This actually sounded exactly as you would expect it.

I thought that these guys would be trying to be the Sex Pistols and I so I was really excited but then it turned out that they were only a boy band. Sucks.

But by far the best and in no way a disappointment is our fifth and final contestant…

OH YES! From the popular TV show and let me tell you, when you hear track two it will BLOW YOUR TINY LITTLE MINDS!*

*N.B. Ayami at the hostel tells me that it is, in fact, aimed at an adult audience and that one of the original girls was kicked off the show for getting knocked up. Ha ha.



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