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Every since I first visited in my first year in London, it’s always been a dream of mine to return and photograph Highgate Cemetery in the snow.

The west cemetery in Highgate is one of the most exciting, exotic, historic, natural, unnatural beauties in the city of London. Built in 1839 as one of the “Magnificent Seven”, seven massive cemeteries surrounding the city of London; it was built in reaction to many problems that were occurring in the growing city of London’s bursting overstocked local church cemeteries. It fast became a central important part of the Victorian London fabric, a place which represented class and religion and social status of both the living and the dead in Victorian London.

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Originally published 13th December 2011

London beckons…

In early November I brave the seas for a number of interviews with a handful of Soho post houses in London. Soho has always been a bit of a dream for me; a post house wonderland, the post production capital of the world; it’s always seemed beyond (but just beyond) my grasp.

HipsterWatch Day 1:- Passing a fast food joint called Leons. It serves burgers that look like BigMacs and fries that look like McFries with Coke or Fanta or Shakes that look like McCoke, McFanta and McShakes. Basically, Soho’s very own Sexy McDonalds. And there, right outside Sexy McDonalds, is a guy smoking (or at least posing with) a cigarello. Fan-douche-tastic.

Soho is a strange hip-flask concoction of bars and restaurants, strip joints, major media headquarters and underground gaybars. Where else in the world will you randomly overhear “so they’ve put the entire feature on a drive, 2 terabytes, apparently”*** while passing a dingy upmarket gay sexshop.

HipsterWatch Day 2:- On the Tube next to a poser-fuck quiff-headed douche. Sunglass’ed on the Underground?! And if that’s not dickhead enough for you he sports an unlit rolley cig dangling from his lips. Give me a fucking break!

On the second day I get a callback and, after a little bit of confusion and a late in the day rush across London, I manage to get in for a rushed second interview. I do my best, I think, put my best foot forward. I’m happy with my performance and happy to leave it in the lap of the gods.

…I move to London in January. Wish me luck.

**2 terabytes is the size of a standard feature film encoded for DCP (Digital Cinema Projection)… basically, this guy had just finished making his feature film.
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