I'm Wits Toopid

It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times…

IMG_5066 copy

IMG_5102 copy

IMG_5098 copy

IMG_5116 copy

IMG_5112 copy


8 Responses to “TOWER BRIDGE, Light Painting”

    • ShaneWozEre

      Thanks for the shoutout Laura, I’m blushing. I think if you’d seen some of the ones that I had to throw out you mightn’t have been too impressed. I’ve found the light painting stuff to be completely up to chance, it requires a lot of retakes and adjustments.

      Loving your stuff, by the way. Excited to see some more.

      • ShaneWozEre

        All situations are different but you need to have the shutter speed on about 3 to 10 seconds. Hold the camera as still as possible (or up against something) for as long as possible and then go to town in the last few seconds. From there it’s just trial and error.

  1. greenmackenzie

    These are amazing….how did you take them? I’m imagining you moving the camera around….but that can’t be right 🙂

    • ShaneWozEre

      Thanks Green. Yes, it’s basically moving the camera around. With the camera on manual set the shutter to maybe 3-5 seconds. I held the camera steady for a period of time and then the last second or two moved it about in funny ways. It takes a long while to get the balance right, a lot of trial and error.

      • greenmackenzie

        Fantastic….I might give it a shot, but I’m not sure I can find such an iconic subject 🙂

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