I'm Wits Toopid

It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times…

IMG_8555 copy

IMG_8561 copy

IMG_8564 copy

IMG_8567 copy

IMG_8594 copy

IMG_8598 copy

IMG_8602 copy

IMG_8603 copy

IMG_8607 copy

IMG_8622 copy

IMG_8624 copy

IMG_8626 copy

IMG_8627 copy

IMG_8633 copy


3 Responses to “DINOSAURS!!!! (Natural History Museum, Chicago)”

  1. Lee-Ann

    It is amazing how alive these fossils are… Like they’re just gonna SNAP at ‘cha with their BIG teeth!

    • ShaneWozEre

      It’s interesting because I spent a lot of time that day playing with Depth of Field (How out of focus the background is). It’s amazing how much life you can add to image just by having the right amount of out of focus going on. Too much and the subject is lost in its surroundings but too little and it’s too difficult to distinguish one part of the fossil from another and the intention is completely lost.


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