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Parkway Walk is one of London’s little gems. An abandoned railroad track which has been converted into a nature walk. The winding natural pathways, surrounded by little dirt track offshoots, work their way above and below the fabric of Finsbury Park, Crouch Hill and up to Highgate.

Carefully tendered overgrowth of weeds and shrubs make you feel hidden in the countryside until a brief gap in the overgrowth reveals the gardens and back-alleys of modern London or you emerge to find yourself on an old ex-railway bridge overlooking a busy, bustling suburban street.

There are hints of the walkway’s history from time to time, little bits of cement and metal or remains of bricks and mortar. At one point an entire abandoned station juts out from amongst the foliage like a post-apocalyptic reminder of the past.

The mixture of nature and humanity carefully balanced, there is plenty of fresh and interesting grafiti along the pathway, balanced with a carefully tendered nature and hints of modernity in a jungle gym and scateboard ramp above the walkway at one stage.

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