I'm Wits Toopid

It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times…

IMG_7142 copy

Taking the Balham High Road, once travelled by Romans leaving Londinium, I cut across Clapham Common, up Cedars Road, crossing Lavender Hill and then up Queenstown Road. Swinging around under the rusted yellowing bridge of Battersea Park I continue into the park, past Duck Pond; glistening in the freezing Spring sun; and up, around by Carriage Drive North; I look out over the Thames and stop for a moment at the beautiful Peace Pagoda. Then up; crossing the river at Albert Bridge; and into Chelsea, up towards South Kensington.

IMG_7146 copy

IMG_7150 copy

IMG_7155 copy

IMG_7158 copy

IMG_7162 copy

IMG_7165 copy

IMG_7168 copy

IMG_7171 copy

IMG_7172 copy

IMG_7176 copy

IMG_7194 copy

IMG_7202 copy

IMG_7204 copy


5 Responses to “BALHAM TO CHELSEA, London”

  1. Laura Bloomsbury

    Interesting walk, with some great memento shots. Especially like the moods you’ve captured with the various colour modes

    • ShaneWozEre

      Thanks Laura. I usually will work a similar colour scheme for a series of photos when playing around in Photoshop but for these it seemed better to tweak each photo on its own merrit.

    • ShaneWozEre

      Thanks Whistler but really amn’t. Just enthusiastic and amateur. It’s funny, people seem to really like this post in particular. But to me they were just a way of collecting a bunch of disparate elements together.


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