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As far back as I can remember etc etc etc. Goodfellas is my favourite film of all time since I first saw it, tuning in half way through (Spider’s execution if I remember correctly) as a naive young 16 year old; it had a mixture of violence and humour, brought to the screen with a power and pace which only Scorsese could deliver. It would be another year before I could buy it on VHS and I have watched it many many times since.

So when I went to New York this summer I decided to visit all of the diners from the film (the location of many of the films most iconic scenes) and take photos containing stills from the film. And yes, I have kinda done it before and yes, there is a website that does it much better than I did and yes, unfortunately the weather was kinda shit so the photos aren’t as good quality as I would have hoped but here it is for you…

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