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It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times…

IMG_7288 copy

Saturday, April 6th was officially World Pillow Fight Day and what with the sun climbing out from behind its snowcloud for the first time this year I decided to make my way down to Trafalgar Square to see what the craic was like.

Over 100 cities around the world joined in in the flashmob event.The event kicked off at 3pm and was already in full swing (geddit, swing!!!) when I arrived 15 minutes later. I stayed for an hour, wandering through the crowd taking pictures of the children of all ages that were involved in the event.

IMG_7225 copy
IMG_7432 copy
IMG_7310 copy
IMG_7247 copy
IMG_7362 copy
IMG_7243 copy
IMG_7368 copy
IMG_7377 copy
IMG_7341 copy
IMG_7388 copy
IMG_7414 copy_v2
IMG_7420-2 copy
IMG_7440 copy
IMG_7448 copy

I had found it hard to find some good pictures from the various international venues but, with perfect timing, Flickrs blog posted on it a mere couple of hours after me. Click here.

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