With every new lens comes a transition period, a period of adjustment as you figure out how best to use it and what situations are best for its use.

Up until now my Canon cannon has been 35mm and 85mm. I do not own a zoom lens as I feel that, certainly at the start of my amateur photographic career, having a prime lens would inspire me to be more creative, to think about and have to move to capture my shot.

My new Sigma 14mm f2.8 lens is probably the most stylistic of lenses so far. There is a huge diference between how things look in real life and how they look viewed through the eyes of a fisheye. For this reason there is has been an interesting period getting used to the warped images that this lens creates, what subjects to take with it, and how to take them.

I do not particularly think that these pictures of The Barbican area of London are particularly good, they are more test images as I get used to the new lens. But they’re worth seeing.