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It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times…

West Highgate cemetery is one of London’s hidden treasures. Purched high above the city, the grisled gothic woods reveal hidden mossy tombs, and tangled vine-layden angels and earns.

Highgate Cemetery was one of seven major cemeteries built in Victorian times to cope with the massive influx of people to London around this time. It fast became one of the most popular cemeteries around due it’s views over London and because of its famous Egyptian style tomb (which, although it attracted the crowds, very few people actually wanted to get buried overground)

In 1854 the London Cemetery Company was so profitable that the cemetery was extended by a further twenty acres on the other side of its Swain’s Lane site. This new ground, now known as the East Cemetery, was opened in 1856. A tunnel beneath Swain’s Lane connected the new ground with the Church of England chapel in the older (West) side.

I didn’t get a chance to visit the East Cemetery (which is quite cheap to visit… stay tuned for pics once I do) but did do the tour of West Highgate cemetery. For £7 it is well worth the fee. From the eerie opulence of Egytian Avenue to the tangled hidden laneways of the area where non Church of Englanders housed their graves it is a fantastic afternoon trip.



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