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It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times…

In May of 1935 my grandad, in his late 20โ€™s at the time, braved the waters and travelled from Dublin to London to witness the Silver Jubilee celebrations of King George V. Next week, almost 80 years later, Georges granddaughter; Elizabeth II, will celebrate her Diamond Jubilee (or 60 years on the throne) and it seems strange that at almost the same age as my grandad was, I find myself living in London.

Last year, armed with a bit of free time on my hands, I decided to raid my grandfathers archives; preserved in two begrudging suitcases in our attic since his death in 2001. I knew that there were photo albums there, with shots of my grandad as a youth, one of the first photographs he ever remembers taking (at the funeral of Michael Collins) and some of his travels around europe in the early to mid 1930s. It was a sign of my naivity when he had been alive that what I found was not only a remarkable collection of the history of my family but a treasure trove of wonderful documentation of both Ireland and much of pre-war europe. Bath, Bristol, London, Paris, Monte Carlo, San Juan; in his mid to late 20s my grandfather travelled all over Europe, camera always at hand.

My grandad also managed to get a good place in the crowd for the procession itself and managed to catch a (granted, blurry) photograph of King George V as his carriage passed.


10 Responses to “LONDON IN SILVER AND DIAMONDS, The Silver Jubilee 1935 Vs The Diamond Jubilee 2012”

  1. mandyevebarnett

    Incredible photos and heart warming when I see how much has not changed! As an expat photos of the homeland are precious. Thanks for sharing


    […] of many of the films most iconic scenes) and take photos containing stills from the film. And yes, I have kinda done it before and yes, there is a website that does it much better than I did and yes, unfortunately the weather […]


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