Among the many highly scientific twitter feeds I ascribe my twitself to is @DeadBananas, a feed dedicated to (in its own words) documenting the alarming number of banana peels found dead or abandoned on the streets of America(and even some around the world).

I think you’d agree it’s an important cause and so I dedicated myself to being an Irish ambassador, remaining constantly vigilant for instances of banana-corpse on the Dublin streets. Strangely, though, they are nowhere to be found. I rarely, if ever, came across any dead bananai anywhere in Dublin. What does this says about the Irish people? I don’t know, but on my recent photowalk tour of Dublin I did come across the odd remains of some ex-bananas. Below are the results of my study.

(16/08/11 – I plan to update this post with any additional dead bananas that I find on my travels.)

Sherif St, opposite the Docklands Train Station.
 Upper Jervis Lane, Dublin
In the “Potassium” section of the Elements display in Dublins Science Gallery