I’m not, like, a fucking hippy or anything but I certainly feel that Hammarby Sjostad (there’s supposed to be two dots on the “o” and God forbid you ask me to fucking pronounce it), the area which Ailbhe and Ragner live, has some good hippy shit going for it, like with that helping the environment and all that.


Hammarby Sjostad is a brand new section of Stockholm, having been recently undergone major urban development. Before this, Hammarby used to be a mainly industrial zone, centered around the Lumafabriken works, a piece of functional architecture designed by Eskil Sundahl and Arthur von Schmalensee which now houses a library and offices.(*and yes, I did steal that from Wikipedia)


One of the most interesting things about this area is all the echo shit that it does. All the food and compost collected from the recycleshoots get used to heat all of the water, so todays shower was powered by the throwaway scraps from yesterdays dinner. Just look at this chart below, the arrows go everywhere so that MUST be good, right?