I'm Wits Toopid

It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times…

After getting some lunch Ailbhe, Ragner and I head to the Moderna Museet (Modern Art Museum)

We only have about two hours to browse the museum but get to look at some work by Dutch artist Siri Derkert, the photography of Jeanloup Sieff as well as a few of the museums big pieces by Dali and Picasso.


Ailbhe admiring three works by Jeanloup Sief.


From a big wall of Russian propoganda art. This sign warns on the perils of drinking on trains.


I loved this print by a photographer called Brassi called “Lovers in a small French Cafe, Paris”


Filled with art and culture Ailbhe, Ragner and myself wandered home, on the way passing the equally cultural artworks of these cartoon characters illustrating the virtue of pissing and shitting in a toilet and throwing apple cores and bloody rags into the bin…


…And then, while Ragner was browsing for pick’n’mix, these very charming sweets.



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