I’ve been told I need to get my finger out and start writing this blog again, especially with the onset of my travels starting this Saturday.


– You mean you’ve never done Germany?

– No

– Never done Prague?

– No

– Never done Paris?

– Nope. France… ahm, France maybe 13 times…

– But never Paris?

– Well… ahm, no

– And this from a guy who always gives out to me for never taking a holiday outside the States!

Damnit. She has a point.


I haven’t written my blog since somewhere halfway through my 5 week trip the year before last. But I’m spending a week and a half next week interrailing and seen as that’s generally filled with long sigh-filled cross country train journeys trying to find yourself and other hippy-dippy bullshit it seems as good a time as any to start back up the blog.

And so begins the sequel…