The International Manga Museum in Kyoto is a must see, even for non manga finatics. The building is a converted school house (there is even an small exhibition on the history of the school, it in itself worth the admission price) and the conversion is fantastic, mixing old and modern. The Museum is mostly taken up with a massive library of manga and lots of places to read them. All of the school halls are lined with shelves on one side and benches on the other, there are little knooks and crannies all around where people are sitting and quietly reading. In the childrens library (shoes off please) there is a giant bowl cut out of the floor and in it you can lie on your back against its pillowed side and read. The courtyard outside has been converted with astroturf and has all mannor of people coming borrowing books and happily reading away. Why don’t we have a place of reading like this in Dublin? *grumbles*