I'm Wits Toopid

It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times…

06.00AM Edward Nortan narrates: “Babies don’t sleep this good!”

Yesterday was kind of a write-off in terms of seeing things in Kyoto. By the time I get to the hostel and am settled fatigue has kicked in hard and I only really have time to see a restaurant for some food and a quick tour of the streets immediately surrounding the hostel. It was 8 O’Clock at that stage and I could hardly see straight so I called it a day and went to bed early.

I arrise at 6 having slept throughout and with a renewed passion to see as much, if not all, of Kyoto in a day. “Good luck!” says the audience.

09.20AM: Just got off the subway and making my way up to (INSERT NAME LATER 1) Temple. Pass a shop called Fukuya. Ha ha. Priceless.

09.33AM: (INSERT NAME LATER1) temple. Beautiful area, so well preserved and cared for. Love the gardens of the temples, wonder if I can build a Japanese house in Dublin when I return and then think the better of it. Some knackers would only come and piss in my life shrine and fuck up my pebble sea ofthe eternal.

11.00AM: Arrive in (INSERT NAME LATER2), the golden temple. Absoloutely thronged with visiting schools and tours or peace sign loving tourists.

Beautiful place but barely get time for a decent picture before I’m capured with the flow of tours and whisked away from the temple itself. After I’ve done a round of the park I decide to pop in again for a few quick pictures and find the place practically empty. Fuckin A.

Loads of great photos and then grab a tea and a cake (beautiful) at the end of the tour, sitting out in red velvet lined benches in the shade of the trees.

11.35AM: Seriously, what’s with the peace signs. They are actively incouraging it during photo taking.

12.20PM: Am approached by kids as I leave who ask if I can stop and listen to their English as a school assignment. Was warned this might happen by Amir but am still completely freaked out especially as their teacher is watching and assesing them. They then ask me what my name is and make me write out a statement in their books… oh yeah, and then their teacher takes a photo of me with them (don’t forget the peace sign!)

01.20PM: Get a little lost looking for my next destination, get on a bus and get screamed at by the bus driver when my travel ticket doesn’t work and I can’t find change. Oops

03.00PM: International Manga Museum. A converted schoolhouse (the mini exhibition of which is almost as good as the manga museum itself) Really relaxed atmosphere with a converted school yard outside for just lounging and reading. Also, there’s a giant bowl for lying in and reading from. Beats sitting reading in a shitty chair with a busted arse in Blanchardstown any day of the week.

05.00PM: Wander up to Nikato Castle (that’s not the name of the castle but I can’t be bothered checking, will fix later) which is closed for the day but grab a few snaps with the sun coming down.

05.10PM: Get a really nice pics of some old dudes working on tree design. If you look on the left of pic you can see the before and right of pic the afters. Nice

05.30PM: Making my way to Pontacho for my Geisha hunt I catch couples sitting by the river hanging out…

… including this guy and girl tucked away having a picnic (she was crushing his beer cans with her boots.)

05.50PM: Motherfucking Geisha’s (see previous)

06.30PM: Finally make my way to a Gion shrine which lights up lanterns late at night. Manage to take one more picture before my camera and my legs die (I have taken about 150 snaps today)


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