04.00AM: Jetlag kicks me out of sleep.

05.30AM: Decided to go up to Onsen on the 9th floor. Fucking fantasticly refreshing (there’s something every strange about lieing in a bath butt neked at half five in the morning with a the whole of Tokyo and it’s mother able to gawk in at you (you have to by the way, it wouldn’t have been by choice))

08.00AM: I go to pick up my bag in Ueno station and get a breakfast of… wait for it… hotdog with omlette and potatoe salad served on a lettece leaf with, er coffee.

08.20AM: While waiting for the Japan Rail ticket office to open I go for a stroll in Ueno park. Among other things I see:

An army of cleaners who brush up the front square (in front of Ueno station) in a matter of minutes. (Some pictured having a smoke break about 30 mins later)

Some school kids being led to the zoo in troops and one group even tied together.

12.22PM: With Japan Rail pass sorted and ticket purchased I head to Tokyo station to pick up my train. Viscious efficiency of these trains staggering. These girls, for example, clean all of the trains and within a matter of minutes of arriving they have been turned around and are back on their way again. The girls are hidden below the tracks for most of the time and appear on mass about a minute before the train arrives, jumping on the train the minute it arrives and are gone again within minutes… staggering.



01.19PM: The train is flying along towards Kyoto. Who are the guys that built this thing and are they on had to fix the LUAS and the Maynooth line. If there is a mountain in the way “fuckit, we’ll just cut through it” Puts the Irish system to shame on a monumental scale.

01.28PM: One of the rail staff walks trough the carriage and then turns and bows to the customers before moving on. Fucking BOWS just cause she was walking through the carriage. Flashback to last year some time when I asked a member of staff who was standing having a smoke in Connolly station where the next Maynooth train. “Fuckin look on the board, would ye!” he says without moving “Yes but I think the board is incorrect” “Fuck sake!” and he proceeded to ignore me for another two minutes before I wander off to the platform that the sign had stated, subsequently missing my train because the sign was wrong. Cut to present. She fucking BOWS!

01.50PM So far outside Tokyo now and are still passing huge masses of population. All neatly layed out, farming all together, industrial all together. Is like travelling the train in a Sim City created by David (who was the most efficient town planner when we used to play Sim City 200 way back when.)