How many times can you check your pockets to make sure you still have your money and passport?

The breakfast drops uncomfortably to a tired and thinking stomach.

Bags packed? Passport, Money? Money,Passport,Passport?

He sits in joyfull hope for the coming of his eggsand bacon, sausage, toast(?)

Backpack still beside me?Don’t leave unatended.

Did I leave documents at home? Money passport passport?

Did I leave my-chargers on the bed,or did I, per chance, pack them?

Bored of packing, went downstairs. But did I fucking take them?

Bed? Downstairs? Fuck-don’t care,

Money, passport passport?

The 7.30am Dublin airport full Irish breakfast is a chance to regroup, to gather the thoughts in a realative stress free environment while being grossly overcharged for the most offensive excuse for a full Irish breakfast. “Perhaps,” he ponders “an apt last supper.”

The coffee flavoured boiling water,

The eggs bleed yellowly into the sometimes wattery bean juice.

Hash browns, tomato (“What?! Fuckin two euro extra! You’re havin a laugh…oh yeah, put them on the plate.”)

Lightly blackened freezing toast, leathery to the crunch, covered with liquid melty and rock solid frozen butter (and never betwixt or between)

The past two hours are like a dream, as much because I probably wasn’t awake for them. Another reason why I should be paranoid. (Money, passport, money) Up early, finish the packing, curse the fact that you could have simply finished this late last night instead of fucking going and watching another episode of the Daily Show. Money – check, Passport – Check, out the door, herded into the car, that feeling in the pit of your stomach that you’ve definitely forgotten something if only you can remember what it is, Passport, Money, Money. Stuffed through the doors of the airport, crowds and ques and am I in the right place and here’s my bag and there’s my passport and yeah yeah yeah I packed it all myself. Security now: stand, shuffle, shuffle. Stand, shuffle, shuffle. Money, Passport, Passport, stand, shuffle, shuffle. Don’t forget all metal, coins, liquids, buckles, put them in the box. Don’t forget to take them back, Money, Passport, Passport.

And breath…

The breakfast sitting uneasily in a tired, thinking stomach. Thoughts now drift to things to come.*