I love the idea of Hooters because it makes absolutely no sense to me.

When I was in San Fransico I went into the Hooters bar to buy a Hooters T shirt. I had always been amazed/confused by the kitschness of the concept and being there in the flesh did not disappoint. The place is full of douchey ex-jock now mediocre-successful business men futilely scrambling and scratching for some semblance of their long swallowed up self deluded vision of a successful youth by ordering a burger and chips from some hot girl in skimpy white top and short shorts followed by high fives all round as one of them makes some off the cuff remark about her cleaveage and she teeters and somehow manages to show a little more.

It’s just so fantastically American, the idea that by going to a Hooters bar you are somehow more respectable than popping down to the local tittie bar for their carvery and champagne lunch special.

I still count my Hooters tee as one of my favorites. I mean, who wouldn’t want to wear a tee in support of the tireless women like this one above?

HOOTERS HOME WEBSITE: – http://www.hooters.com/home.aspx

HOOTERS KIDS STORE:- http://www.hootersgear.com/Merch/MerchCategoryHome.aspx?cat=3